Adventures in Reading: the story so far

Six months into writing my monthly Adventures in Reading newsletter, which traces my journeys in books, libraries and bibliophilia, I thought now felt like a great time to review my adventures so far.

You can find out all about my Adventures in Reading here – why I write them, why reading is so important to my practice, and the books I’ve explored so far – as well as subscribing here to receive future adventures straight to your inbox. Through writing about my reading, I hope to share and gather book recommendations, experiment with different strategies for reading texts and other forms, and to connect with likeminded bibliophiles, so please do have a read and let me know what you’re reading and what you think.

I’ve also spent a little time creating a visual representation of the Adventures in Reading so far. I’m a visual learner and find that mind maps are a helpful way for me to find connections, trace paths of correlation and causation, and have an overview at where a writing project (or any other project, for that matter) is at for the moment. So here I present my delightfully nerdy mindmap, “Adventures in Reading: The story so far” (view a larger version or download via the link below). There is a plethora of great reads in here – if something strikes you, you can find full details of the texts here to add to your TBR.

Adventures in Reading mindmap v1, August 2020