Flo Reynolds is a writer, artist and literature producer based in the UK.

Flo’s debut book of poems, the other body, was published by Guillemot Press in 2021, and individual poems have appeared in publications including The White Review, Magma, The Interpreter’s House, Datableed, and many more. Flo also writes fiction and essays. Across all these forms their writing is concerned with ecologies, embodiment, queerness, neurodivergence and speculative fictions.

A graduate of the University of East Anglia, Flo has worked at the National Centre for Writing since 2016, where they are a programme manager. Their portfolio has writer development at its heart, and spans a mentoring scheme for early career fiction writers through to festivals and international symposia. They are a Clore Emerging Leader (2018), seasoned event host, and occasional guest speaker and workshop leader.

What I’m currently working on

My second poetry pamphlet, the shy, is out on submission. Concerned with girlhood, neuro-queerness, artifice and disembodiment, the shy is a work of acidic-pink camp monstrosity. Trying on various bodies and voices – including those of masks, animals, and robots – it asks what does the imposition of disembodiment feel like, and how can it be used or subverted through mischief, drag and solidarity? The poems take a range of forms, from short lyrics to longer sequences, and some have been published in Datableed, Haverthorn, and the Modern Queer Poets anthology by Pilot Press. 

My works in progress, in both poetry and prose, are site-specific, speculative fictions. My poetry project explores the sensory ecologies and the military history of a fragile ecosystem not far from my home in Norfolk through a neurodivergence/ disability lens. My prose project treads the line between science fiction and memoir, and is inspired by my experiences of living in rural Brittany.

How to contact me

You can contact me via the form on my contact page. Messages through the form really do reach me.