the other body (Guillemot, 2021)

Digital book launch 14 October 2021

Written in conversation with snails, slime moulds and spookfish, the other body sees Flo Reynolds explore inter-species relationships and the ways in which the human body is inextricable from worlds beyond its perception. By turns playful and contemplative, the central sequence coalesces and disassembles into something like love poems, equally for creatures embodied in “tissue + rib + aura” and those whose forms are wondrously different.

the other body has been designed and illustrated by Phyllida Bluemel. ISBN 978-1-913749-05-7 / 36 pages / 184 x 143mm / Printed on (nibbled) Tintoretto Ceylon cover and end papers and Colorset Blush.

Works to commission


  • Fruit issue 4, “magic fortune fish“, poem and audio file, 2021
  • Anthropocene, “the other body”, “houseplants” and “still life with mangelwurzel”, 2020
  • Modern Queer Poets #1 (Pilot Press, London), “the reading” and “I’m a riddle and you’re working me out”, 2019
  • The White Review online poetry feature December 2019, hello stranger”; “dear Other with pink dish”, collaborative poem with Cat Woodward, 2019
  • Longlisted for the Gingko Prize, 2019
  • Stand magazine, #223 (17:3), “naturecultures”, 2019
  • The Interpreter’s House #72, “poem for my lisp“, 2019
  • amberflora #7, “the other body [ix]” and “the other body [x]”, 2019
  • Magma #73, gwendolen’s elbow”, 2019
  • Datableed #11, “in the shell”, “white noise”, “the chair forgets it’s a chair until it burns”, 2019
  • Longlisted for the Rebecca Swift Prize, 2018
  • para-text #6, “wolf mask”, “the new space”, “”, 2018
  • Haverthorn V4.2 assemblage”, “vertigo II”, “her fingerhold fire”, “generosity”, 2018
  • No, Robot, No! (Sidekick Books, London), “wetware”, collaborative poem commission with Cat Woodward, 2018
  • Over there: a queer anthology of joy (Pilot Press, London), “her blue book”, 2018
  • Volta: an Obscurity of Poets (Salo Press, Norwich), “venus rising”, 2018
  • The Poetry School, asana”, 2017
  • Magma #68, “interview in the birdbath”, “pet hawkmoth”, 2016
  • Butcher’s Dog #8, “sorry jar”, 2016
  • Fur-Lined Ghettos #8, “okra”, “fossil”, “poems”, “leech”, “five-eyed i”, 2016
  • The Poetry School, “littoral”, 2016
  • Birdbook III (Sidekick Books, London), “Hen Harrier: The Gamekeeper’s Verdict”, commissioned poem, 2015
  • Lighthouse #3, “voice in dots”, 2013
  • Ink, Sweat & Tears, “Mute”, 2012
  • Myths of the Near Future, “Wild garlic on an Irish cliff top”, 2012
  • Popshot x Art in the Underbelly, “The ceramicist”, poem with illustration by Rachel Lovatt, 2012

Non-fiction & guest blogs

Selected non-fiction features, reviews, etc.

Guest blogs

Performance exhibitions & other

  • The Lanes Garden Party, Lord Mayor’s Celebration, Norwich, performance, 2018
  • Lighthouse, Norwich, performance 2018
  • Volta, Norwich, performances, various dates 2017-18
  • Art Pocket Book Arts, Norwich Millennium Library, book arts exhibition, 2016
  • HeadCRASH, Norwich, performance, 2015
  • Freewheelin’, Norwich, performance, 2014
  • The Forum, Norwich, “Virginia Woolf and the Total Perspective Vortex”, lecture, 2013
  • Le Slam: A Night of Multilingual Poetry, Norwich, curation & performance, 2012
  • Popshot x Art in the Underbelly, “The ceramicist”, exhibited poem with illustration by Rachel Lovatt, 2012
  • Farnham Maltings Post-Art group exhibition, Farnham, book arts, 2009