Read my essay “Neighbourliness” here.

Adventures in reading newsletter

I write a monthly essay taking in reading, libraries, and the many joys and curiosities of books. Find the archive and subscribe here, and follow my Adventures in Reading.

On passingqueer readings in invisibility

I am in the process of writing this long-form essay on the topic of passing as both performance and erasure. I am looking at reading as a means of navigating the comforts and dangers of invisibility, engaging with the ways that marginalised artists and writers before me have seen and been seen.

Untitled memoir project

This memoir project examines gardens as a living archive and the futile, profound awakening that gardening bestows during the limbo of the diagnosis process and at a time of global ecocide.

Reviews & critical writing

After a few years’ break, I’m back to writing regular reviews. I write for Happenstance Press’ Sphinx reviews blog, as well as writing reviews in letter form for friends.

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