Other Projects

I undertake various creative projects, both self-initiated and in collaboration with fellow creatives. Find out more about some of these below.


A new independent poetry zine exploring poems as vessels.

Founded July 2020, issue 1 is co-edited with Cat Woodward and will be released in early 2021.

Find out more here.

Adventures in Reading

Occasional essay-fictions taking in reading, libraries, and the many joys and curiosities of books. Find out more here.

View the archive and subscribe here to follow my Adventures in Reading.

NCW Book Club

I founded and host National Centre for Writing’s Book Club.

Taking place online and in person (Covid allowing), we read and discuss a new book every 2 months.

Find out more and join the Book Club here.

Art & other media

I work in a range of media to explore my ongoing concerns with ecology, books as dynamic sites, spatial poetics, and embodiment. Text-based works, drawing, book works, textiles, land art, photography and sound allow me different perspectives on these topics, inform one another, and are an active part of my research.

In these works, language is delayed, absent, blurred, sliced, broken down into stitch and shape. It is ephemeral, translucent, rotting, occupying spaces and surfaces that are hard and soft, interior and exposed. Language both is and is not the work.


I love to enrich my own practice by collaborating with other creative people and working across different media.

One example is my longstanding collaboration with poet Cat Woodward. Find out more here.

Breaking News reading group

This inclusive, current affairs reading group invites participants to break out of their bubbles and engage with a variety of news sources in a friendly environment.

Currently on hiatus during Covid-19.

Kumquat Poetry

Between 2012-2014 I founded and edited Kumquat Poetry, an online zine for new poems by writers all over the world, and with a particular interest in multilingual poetries.

Poet Megan Pattie joined me as co-editor in 2013.

Kumquat is now inactive but the poems are still well worth reading. You can find the archvie here.