My poetry engages with systems theory, cyborgism, chaos, queerness and joy. Recent poems have appeared in The White Review, Datableed, para-text, Haverthorn, Magma and others. See my full publications list for more info.

I have a particular interest in collaborative practice, both with other poets and with those working in different disciplines. This has led to a longstanding collaboration with Cat Woodward. I’m also collaborating with other organisms, including worms, bacteria and fungi, as part of my compost poems project – scroll down for more about this new project.

Here you can see the various poetry projects that I’m working on at present.


holon is my first manuscript of poems, and has been 5 years in the writing.

The poems engage with post-humanist and systems theory; deep nature connection and living in proximity with animals and plants; human interfaces with natural and manmade systems; laughter, chaos, queerness, and joy.

Some of the poems from holon – including poems from ‘the other body’ , the long sequence that forms the centre of the collection – have been published in twos and threes in poetry journals. See my recent publications here.

That listening space [working title]

My nascent project, which I refer to as “That listening space” for now, explores listening as an act, a state, a stance, and a form of spatial receptivity. It’s early days in the research and writing of this project, but it feels like a natural continuation of the themes (of bodies, solidarity, lost childhood/ancestral languages and materialisms) that I explored in holon, as well as the chance to push myself with new techniques, new forms, and new ways to research.

compost poems [title tbc]

I’m currently working on a series of compost poems and artworks, using observation and interaction with three compost systems. I’m exploring compost as composition, as death (decay) and as life (methane) (which are also life (decay) and death (methane) respectively). I’m composting my old notebooks, news headlines, bodily traces and various wastes. I’m learning about the various populations that make up your average compost system. I’m attempting to represent digestion, decay and composition both procedurally and formally. I’m also using composting as spell, blessing, and divination.


forestwithinforest is a poetry ritual project.

Consisting of a sequence of poems using complex forest forms, forestwithinforest uses the structures of layers of vegetation, fertile edges around forest clearings, the dynamic relationship of companion species and parasites, and the complex interrelation of human and animal presences.

with Cat Woodward

For the last couple of years I have written collaboratively with poet and academic Cat Woodward. United by our interests in voice, gender and lyric, we write primarily by email, trying new collaborative methodologies and borrowing each other’s techniques for individual work, too. Each poem comes into being alongside the traces of its process.

Our collaborative poem “Dear Other, with pink dish” is forthcoming in The White Review. We were commissioned by Sidekick Books to write a poem, “wetware”, for their No, Robot, No! anthology in 2018. “wetware” took place as an epistolary exchange over email, developing a dialogue into a single, cyborg voice. This is a real-world bond played out in two places and no place, a quantum micro-politics, oozing & feminist. We ask, ‘what would lyric look like if Sappho’d been playing a theremin?’ The joins, breaks, glitches are left for the reader to hear if she wants to.

Here you can read more about our collaborative process. Visit Cat’s website here.

This’ll rattle your teeth

This’ll rattle your teeth is a zine combining poetry and collage. Published in a limited risograph edition in 2016, the zine was produced following a workshop with Norwich-based collective Print to the People. The zine takes in luminous objects, gallery spaces, contested histories, and issues of repatriation of objects from museums.

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