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Having programmed, hosted and attended hundreds of literature events during my career to date, I know what makes a great workshop or conversation event. If you’d like to book me for an event, please contact me.

Ready to go workshops

I offer a range of ready-to-go workshops suitable for writers of all levels and always grounded in an inclusive, friendly atmosphere. To book one of my workshops or to discuss how I can develop a bespoke workshop for your group, contact me here.

Please note that my workshops are aimed at adults and can be adapted for children and young people.

Eco-writing workshop

Using a mixture of close observation, collage and language play, learn techniques to help you write your very own poem, essay or short story inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Recommended running time 120 or 180 minutes.

Ultimate character workout

There are many ways to make up, meet and learn about your characters for your fiction and non-fiction writing. In this workshop you’ll have the chance to try several ways of getting under your characters’ skin and walking a mile in their shoes. Recommended running time 120 or 180 minutes.

Your writing journey

In this session I will guide you through a series of reflective writing exercises to better understand your unique writing journey and where it might take you next. Recommended running time 60, 120 or 180 minutes.

But it doesn’t rhyme!

In this workshop we’ll look at the elements that bring a poem to life, especially when read aloud. We’ll look at examples of different kinds of rhyme, assonance and rhythm from poems from different places and times, before trying these techniques in our own poems. Recommended running time 120 or 180 minutes.