Breaking News!

Breaking News is a supportive current affairs reading group. Since October 2018 I’ve been running monthly meetings in Norwich to discuss topical issues in a spirit of inclusivity and shared curiosity. Each month we explore a range of viewpoints and sources to empower us as active readers and citizens.

I started Breaking News out of a feeling that the prevailing media discourse didn’t represent the way I wanted to engage in current affairs. I wanted a respectful but inquisitive environment to share the experience of staying up to date with the news in an empowering, communal way. The purpose of Breaking News has always been to get outside of ‘the bubble’, and encounter other viewpoints with curiosity, rather than the knee-jerk retreats into entrenched positions that can leave us feeling divided, disempowered and overwhelmed.

All are welcome and you can find out more about the next event by emailing breakingnewsnorwich [at] gmail [dot] com.

Breaking News! image courtesy & Copyright (C) Freya Gallagher-Jones, 2018

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