I work in a range of media to explore my ongoing concerns with ecology, books as dynamic sites, spatial poetics, and embodiment.

Text-based works, drawing, book works, textiles, land art, photography and sound allow me different perspectives on these topics, inform one another, and are an active part of my research.

In these works, language is delayed, absent, blurred, sliced, broken down into stitch and shape. It is ephemeral, translucent, rotting, occupying spaces and surfaces that are hard and soft, interior and exposed. Language both is and is not the work.

My book works and textiles have been shown in group exhibitions since 2007, including at Norwich Millennium Library, Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, and at Farnham Maltings.

This page shows a few examples of my research practices and finished pieces.

Snail collaboration, 2014. I invited a snail to peruse and nibble my notebook.
Untitled, 2018., detail Mixed recycled materials, frame woven, to explore garden textures.
Forest Ephemera: “EVEN NOW“, 2019. Site-based lettering, torn leaves. Exploring temporality and decay within a forest ecosystem.
Blue Triangle, 2016, detail. Organza, handmade paper, cotton thread, leaves, tracing paper. Exploring translucency and texture with handmade papers.
Untitled handmade book, 2016. Recycled board and paper, cotton thread. An exploration of smocking techniques to manipulate space within a codex.
Untitled, 2010. Digital image exploring earth textures.
Untitled, 2018. Digital photograph of a site-based work at Blakeney Point, Norfolk. Exploring soft and hard structures to demarcate and police natural spaces.
Untitled drawing, 2019, detail. Pastel, brown paper.
Fossil, detail, 2008. Mixed media including handmade paper, acrylic paint, silk waste, copper wire. Exploring layering different media over wire structures.
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